Guest Poem


I recently received an e-mail from a little girl called Emma who lives in Hampstead. She sent along a poem. I liked it so much, I asked her to be a guest poet on the blog.

Here’s her e-mail:

Dear Mr. Lucas Brice,

I am 7. In school, they say you are the greatest poet in all of Britain. I am very fond of poetry. When I grow up, I want to be a poet like you.

I wrote a poem about my puppy Max. Can you tell me if you like it? If you do, can I get it in a book?

Best regards,


My Puppy Max
by Emma Watkins

My puppy Max has four legs,
My puppy Max sits up and begs,
My puppy Max is very smart,
My puppy Max likes to fart.

My mum helps me feed him,
He is my friend.
I really need him,
I am going to teach him to do maths.

Original photo by Erháld Borbáth.



by Mr. Lucas Brice

A shepherd used to wash his sheep,
At night when they were fast asleep,
When they woke up they were quite clean,
They did not know where they had been,
One day he woke before the dawn,
And found out all his sheep were gone,
He searched the meadow and the hill,
But in his quest, he came up nil,
Just when it seemed as he had feared,
His sheep had up and disappeared,
He heard a bleating in the trees,
It was the sheep, it wasn’t bees,
The firemen helped to get them down,
With other people from the town,
He didn’t know and nor do I,
How they got up there, maybe they fly.

Copyright Hornton Publishing Company. All rights reserved.
Original photo by Dickie Anginson.

The Man With the Cat on His Head

The Man With the Cat on His Head
by Mr. Lucas Brice

A man in New York wore his cat on his head,
His name wasn’t Michael or Thomas or Fred,
In fact, his name was Johnny McCree,
He took the cat with him when he had to pee.

He fed the cat mutton and herring and snail,
He took the cat with him when drinking his ale,
Till one day the bar owner said, “That’s enough,
Get that cat out of here or I’m gonna’ get rough.

“This bar is for drinkin’ a beer, maybe more.
So go on and take that damn cat out the door!”
Johnny looked the bartender right in the eye.
He said, “I’ll tell you a story, I’ll tell you no lie.

“I’ve taken this cat to both Paris and Rome,
And I will take him right out of this god-awful poem,
It’s stupid, it’s crap, a complete waste of time.”
Then he turned and walked out without leaving a dime.

Copyright Hornton Publishing Company. All rights reserved.
Original photo by Paul Stein.

All Lustful Near the Water

All Lustful Near the Water
by Mr. Lucas Brice

Dark and luminous behind the rain
We bend dark faces within the towers
Dig it! The day was good
Evil and colorful beyond the sky
We find numb brains beyond the tomb
Can you dig it? The bastard keeps going
All lustful near the water
You condemn big spirits below the sea
God! The fun has come
open-eyed altered
saying goodbye
a phone ringing somewhere
In whose heart
the victim
ask his way
not knowing why

Copyright Hornton Publishing Company. All rights reserved.
Original photo by Ashley Webb.