“When I write a poem, I start with all the words in the English language, then edit out the bits that aren’t poetry.” – Mr. Lucas Brice

Who is Mr. Lucas Brice?

Mr. Lucas Brice is Britain’s most renowned and respected poet. Born in Banbury, England in 1940, he enlisted in WWII at the age of 5, but the war ended one month later. He returned home to find that his parents had been kidnapped by gypsies. He worked at a small haberdasher’s in London, living with his Aunt Emma.

After the war, Mr. Brice turned to literature for consolation. “After having experienced so much carnage,” said Brice, “books became my means of upliftment.”

Brice was a voracious reader, devouring Dante, Swift, Proust, Spinoza, Suess, and Kierkegaard. Oddly enough, Brice read no poetry, and many scholars believe this to be the key to the success of his own works.

Brice married Clara Brownstone in 1959. They had three children: Clarence, Lucas Jr., and Clarence II (affectionately known as Spanky).

Brice began writing poetry immediately after his marriage, which nearly ruined his honeymoon. However, his new bride was determined to consummate the marriage and her persistence eventually won out. Brice’s first poem, “Jack and Jill,” (written that very night) was published in Punch.

Photo of Mr. Lucas Brice by Grifmo.

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