Eddie Izzard Talks About Mr. Lucas Brice


I met Mr. Lucas Brice in 2005. He came to one of my shows in London and I invited him backstage. I mean, I’m a huge fan of his poetry and I don’t even like poetry.

So there we were. I will admit, there was alcohol. God, that man can drink. Wait, I’m an athiest, so I shouldn’t say ‘God.’ Anyway, we had this amazing conversation that went on for about 20 minutes where the two of us said nothing but the word ‘yeah.’

I’d say, ‘yeah!’ and then he’d say ‘yeaaaah,’ and then I’d do this Texas drawl and say ‘yaaaaayeh,’ and he’d say ‘yeeeeeaaah.” And it went on like this for some time until we were both rolling on the floor laughing and shouting.

The next day, I phoned him and he swore up and down that he’d never been to the show the night before. He said he’d been home that evening watching a DVD with his wife. I never could figure out if he was having me on. Brice is like that.

—Eddie Izzard, on The Jonathan Ross Show, 2009

Original photo by Nickjwebb.

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