Celebrities Talk About Mr. Lucas Brice

Simon Cowell“I like Mr. Lucas Brice. A lot. The poems, the attitude. It’s what the world’s been waiting for. And he’s a real man’s man. Just don’t play poker with him. You’ll end up losing your shirt.”
Simon Cowell, quoted in the Daily Mirror

Alan Davies“Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Lucas Brice seems like a nice enough guy, but his poetry… You know, I can’t tell whether it’s sincere or whether he’s having a laugh at our expense. I’m not opposed to having a laugh, but you have to draw the line someplace, I think.”
Alan Davies, on The Graham Norton Show.

Gwyneth Paltrow“Mr. Lucas Brice is brilliant and I love him. We’ve had him over for dinner and he loves the food I cook. We have great dinner parties at which everyone sits around talking about politics, history, art and literature — all this peppered with really funny jokes. You should hear some of his limericks. I have to admit, some of them are a little over the top and send me down a kind of hippie shame spiral.”
Gwyneth Paltrow, quoted in the Daily Mirror

Original Photos (top to bottom) by Alison Martin, Craig Grobler, Andrea Raffin.

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