Mr. Lucas Brice on Poetry

20130412-174051.jpg“Poetry is like vegetables. Everyone knows it’s good for you, but most people avoid it. The trick is to prepare it so that it’s tasty. I am the chef of words.”
—Mr. Lucas Brice, “Here Comes Mr. Lucas Brice,”BBC Documentary, 2008

20130412-202409.jpg“Most poetry is like the 8:15 to Basingstoke. It seldom arrives on time, and when it does, it’s rather crowded. Would you like a sweetie?”
—Mr. Lucas Brice, Daily Mail, 2003

“Poetry doesn’t need to rhyme. In fact, it doesn’t need to exist in our world at all. Many of the best poems exist in another dimension entirely.”
—Mr. Lucas Brice, from the forward to “A Child’s Garden of Mr. Lucas Brice” (unpublished)

Photos (top to bottom) by Hrushi3030, Alex Livet, Thors Provoni.

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