Celebrities Talk About Mr. Lucas Brice

Ed Byrne“I don’t believe in god. But if there was a god, which I don’t believe there is, I believe that god would be Mr. Lucas Brice. His poetry is that good. And I do believe in poetry, and that’s all I’m going to say about it.”
Ed Bryrne on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, 2007.

Stephen Fry“Mr. Lucas Brice? Never mention that man’s name to me. I have no idea why he’s so popular because his poetry is rot. No, it’s worse than rot—it’s drivel. Which is worse, rot or drivel? It’s rotten drivel.”
Stephen Fry on BBC Celebrates the Poetry of Mr. Lucas Brice, 2009.

Miranda Kerr“Mr. Lucas Brice is the rock star of the poetry world. And he certainly knows how to treat a lady.”
Miranda Kerr, Vanity Fair interview, September 2011. 

Original photos (top to bottom) by Thomas Dootson, “Happy birthday to GNU” film crew, Eva Rinaldi.

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