Sometimes I Wonder


Sometimes I Wonder
by Mr. Lucas Brice

Sometimes I wonder,
About all sorts of things,
If penguins can’t fly,
Why do they have wings?

Who invented soap?
Why is borscht served cold?
Why do people get wrinkles
When people grow old?

Why do birds like to sing?
What makes people laugh?
How can a worm live
When you cut it in half?

Why do kangaroos jump?
Why do piranhas bite?
Does a mole ever notice
When you turn off the light?

I have so many questions,
Maybe five hundred more,
I could go on and on,
But I don’t want to bore.

That’s why I don’t work
In an office—I know it!
That’s the reason I made
My life as a poet.

Copyright Hornton Publishing Company. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
Original photo by SeanMack.

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