Children’s Letters to Mr. Lucas Brice


Children’s Letters to Mr. Lucas Brice

As one might expect, Mr. Lucas Brice gets plenty of fan mail. He is particularly fond of receiving mail from his younger fans. Here’s a recent exchange between Mr. Lucas Brice and Kristen MacGregor of Dundee, Scotland:

Dear Mr. Lucas Brice,

My name is Kristin MacGregor and I am 7 years old. I love poetry and I reckon you are the greatest poet in the world. You are brilliant.

I write a wee bit of poetry myself but it’s mostly about my brother who is a bit of a trunk monkey. One day I want to be a famous poet like you. Do you have any advice for me?

Kristen McGregor

Dear Kristen,

Thank you for your letter. It is always nice to hear from young poetry-lovers.

You are probably too young to understand the advice I’m about to offer, but I can tell you that drinking played an important part in the development of my work. Now, I’m not suggesting that you begin drinking—at least not yet. But when you are old enough, you might have a pint or two at your local or try a good single malt Scotch such as Glenmorangie.

Best regards,

Mr. Lucas Brice

Original photo by gianΩmerz.

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