Mick Jagger Interview


The following is an excerpt of an interview with Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones from “Musique” magazine, January 1975. The interviewer is Rom Landau. All rights reserved.

Landau: And what do you think of the poetry of Mr. Lucas Brice?

Jagger: Brice? Well, he is a fucking genius, isn’t he? He could use some new clothes, though.

Landau: Have you read many of Brice’s poems?

Jagger: Of course. We all did back then. Brice’s poetry was a big inspiration to me when I was writing lyrics. I’ll even admit that I knicked a few lines off him. Like “Under My Thumb.” That was part of a poem by Brice, called, I think, “Meditation 9.” The original line went something like:

Under my thumb,
There’s a stamp that
just won’t stay down,
Under my bum,
is my favourite chair
that’s a perfect shade of brown…

I can’t remember the rest of it, but it had something to do with cooked vegetables, or eels, or something. We changed it quite a bit, but the original inspiration was from Brice.

Landau: What about the rumour that you turned Brice on to LSD in the 1960’s?

Jagger: (laughs) Actually, it was the other way ’round. He gave me and Keith our first taste of acid, right before we did Majesties Request. If you look closely at the cover of the album…


Landau: The 3D cover?

Jagger: Yeah, that’s the one. If you look closely at the cover, you can see Brice’s head hidden in there with The Beatles.

Landau: Were the Beatles familiar with Brice?

Jagger: I don’t know about all of them, but I heard Brice had some kind of problem with Paul.

Landau: What happened?

Jagger: Well, the word is that Paul lent Brice some money once and they had a row. Words were exchanged. I don’t think Brice ever really got over it.

Landau: What did he do?

Jagger: He got drunk and wrote some poetry. That was his way, wasn’t it?

Original photo by Kronos.

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