Mr. Lucas Brice On Poetry

“Poetry takes you traveling to lands you didn’t know you wanted to go, then strands you there without conveyance or means to return from whence you came, and provides you with a map of Blackpool as a means of finding your way.”
—Mr. Lucas Brice, on The Last Resort with Jonathan Ross, 1988

“Poetry is the wind in the sail, the smile in the veil, the catcher in the rye, the farmer in the dell. O! but to hear the sound of sweetest music of the verse, to feel the pulse of the pentameter, to taste the sweetness of the chorus! Excuse me young man, but there seems to be an insect of some sort on your lapel.”
—Mr. Lucas Brice, on So Graham Norton, 1998

“The beauty of it is breathtaking. It can be very fragile and one should always be careful when handling it. It can be art of the highest order…and who would have thought it? What starts as a container, a vessel, so to speak, enhanced by the various glazes and such and fired at a very high temperature…I’m sorry? Poetry? Ah yes, I thought you said pottery…”
—Mr. Lucas Brice, to Petula Clark, The Sound of Petula, 1974

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