If You See Me By The Thames


If You See Me by the Thames
by Mr. Lucas Brice

If you see me by the Thames,
Please don’t pull my trousers,
If the wind is blowing cold,
Do not say that I am old.

If I’m walking o’er the bridge,
Please don’t muss my hair up,
If the boats are drifing by,
Please don’t poke me in the eye.

If the rain begins to fall,
Please don’t grab my brolly,
If horns sound from the passing cars,
Please don’t kick me in the arse.

If I stop to tie my shoe,
Please don’t chop my head off,
If the night begins to start,
Please don’t stab me in the heart.

Copyright Hornton Publishing Company. Used with permission.
Original photo by David Iliff.

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