How Now Mad Cow


How Now Mad Cow
by Mr. Lucas Brice

I heard about mad British cows,
They must get into awful rows,
I wonder what has made them mad,
Let’s cheer them up and make them glad.

Take them to Punch and Judy shows,
Go sleigh riding through winter snows,
Let’s take them to a funny movie,
They’d laugh at that and think it’s groovy.

I do not think that it is bad
to be a cow, so why be mad?
Did they get hurt by angry birds?
Or get insulted by bad words?

It’s bad for cows to hold a grudge,
Let’s take them out and buy them fudge,
Let’s take them to an amusement park,
Watch fireworks when it gets dark.

We must pay mind to all our cows,
So let’s start now and make some vows,
We’ll start to treat them very good,
And not use them for clothes or food.

Copyright Hornton Publishing Company. Used with permission.
Original photo by Nick Ray.

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