I like & I do not like

I like & I do not like
by Mr. Lucas Brice


I like cheese
I like ham
I like prawns
I like beer
I like ale
I like scones
I like pudding
I like digestive biscuits
I do not like cabbage

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Original photo by Rose Duchamp.

Donald Sutherland Talks About Mr. Lucas Brice


I was in England from 1957 until 1968. I did two episodes of “The Saint,” one in 1965 and one in 1966. Roger [Moore] was a friend of Mr. Lucas Brice. He introduced us, and the three of us went to the pub after filming.

What followed was later known as the legendary “lost weekend.” I’m not being coy when I say that I don’t remember much about what happened. I remember being in a hot air balloon over London, which Brice was piloting while shouting his poetry. We landed in Trafalgar Square and somehow managed to make it out of there before the police arrived. I don’t know what happened to the balloon … or the monkey.

Donald Sutherland, TV interview during the shooting of The Eagle has Landed (on the DVD).

Original photo by Tom Sorenson.

Eddie Izzard Talks About Mr. Lucas Brice


I met Mr. Lucas Brice in 2005. He came to one of my shows in London and I invited him backstage. I mean, I’m a huge fan of his poetry and I don’t even like poetry.

So there we were. I will admit, there was alcohol. God, that man can drink. Wait, I’m an athiest, so I shouldn’t say ‘God.’ Anyway, we had this amazing conversation that went on for about 20 minutes where the two of us said nothing but the word ‘yeah.’

I’d say, ‘yeah!’ and then he’d say ‘yeaaaah,’ and then I’d do this Texas drawl and say ‘yaaaaayeh,’ and he’d say ‘yeeeeeaaah.” And it went on like this for some time until we were both rolling on the floor laughing and shouting.

The next day, I phoned him and he swore up and down that he’d never been to the show the night before. He said he’d been home that evening watching a DVD with his wife. I never could figure out if he was having me on. Brice is like that.

—Eddie Izzard, on The Jonathan Ross Show, 2009

Original photo by Nickjwebb.

The Ducks of Kensington High Street

The Ducks of Kensington High Street
by Mr. Lucas Brice

In Kensington High Street,
Two large ducks appeared,
Some thought it was nice,
While some thought it weird,
Together, they strolled
Past the shops and the cars,
They stopped to buy cakes,
And some honey in jars.

They purchased some marmalade,
Bread and some jam,
Some sausage, some bacon,
A large Wiltshire ham,
When they were finished,
After flapping their wings,
They flew to Hyde Park,
Where they feasted like kings.

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Original photo by ettiz.

Guest Poem


I recently received an e-mail from a little girl called Emma who lives in Hampstead. She sent along a poem. I liked it so much, I asked her to be a guest poet on the blog.

Here’s her e-mail:

Dear Mr. Lucas Brice,

I am 7. In school, they say you are the greatest poet in all of Britain. I am very fond of poetry. When I grow up, I want to be a poet like you.

I wrote a poem about my puppy Max. Can you tell me if you like it? If you do, can I get it in a book?

Best regards,


My Puppy Max
by Emma Watkins

My puppy Max has four legs,
My puppy Max sits up and begs,
My puppy Max is very smart,
My puppy Max likes to fart.

My mum helps me feed him,
He is my friend.
I really need him,
I am going to teach him to do maths.

Original photo by Erháld Borbáth.